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The horror film genre is well known for its high profit margin.  Red Velvet Entertainment currently has 7 unique horror films on it’s slate which are sure to chill and thrill audiences worldwide. 

By infusing Moral and Ethical lessons within the core of each of our films, they also become stories about values and human worth... 

We'll take the audience on a thrilling roller-coaster ride of terror while we deliver these messages home!  By casting several “draw name” stars in these films alongside new, fresh charismatic actors we assure amazing ensembles, compelling sales, and continued profits with our winning distribution strategies.  

Monte Carlo for "Special Effects".

By utilizing the "Monte Carlo Effect" and investing in all 7 feature films (whose sum of all 7 low budgets make up less than the cost of a single medium budget movie) our investment strategy becomes much more predictable, secure, and profitable.


High Profit Horror.


Turn Music On/Off

We Implement Only the Most Sound and Profitable Sales Strategies... 

At Red Velvet Entertainment Inc, we implement only the most sound and profitable sales strategies as the first priority for all of our projects.

We know that we can make excellent horror movies at a very competitive price because we've put in the time and salient facts for all facets of distribution; what it takes to make these kinds of movies successful; their backgrounds and history; why people want to see them; and what kind of hooks to put in that make audiences around the world want to see more!


The Core Value of any Entertainment is in its

Our main objectives are to get a strong return on investment and make a high quality product. How do we know we can deliver on these objectives? Our Distribution Head is one of the best in the entire business.  We’ve modeled all of our projects according to his vast knowledge and insight of what he knows will definitely sell in both Domestic and International Sales Markets (Distribution).

Alan believes strongly that all of the motion pictures in our slate will make money and be of very high quality. He has carefully worked with Development for all of the projects from the very beginning so as to ensure that all roads lead to a great investment and a solid ROI. This is a growth industry, and we know that by making high quality entertainment that makes more money back for our investors than what they put in will help to achieve continued success, maximum return, and continued growth for everyone on the Red Velvet Team.


        Welcome to Red Velvet Entertainment. 

Completed Titles:
   Blood Pageant 

 Theatrical Release June 18th, 2021  

 VOD & Streaming  June 29th, 2021  

Release Date: June 29th, 2021

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"Red Velvet Entertainment.  We know what the industry

      needs, we listen to what the audience wants."

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