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Our Finger Is On The Pulse Of The Entertainment 


At Red Velvet Entertainment, we have our finger on the pulse of the entertainment Industry.  We believe that creating, developing, and producing thought provoking entertainment that challenges, inspires, and unites audiences worldwide forever as classics for our generations is SIMPLY NOT ENOUGH. 

"We are on the forefront of the everchanging Media Landscape."

We believe that by establishing a sound foundation of business models for each and every project that we produce for entertainment in Feature Film, Television, Reality TV, Competition/ Game Shows, New Media, Commercials and other projects will assure success for our investors, our company, and all the professionals who comprise it.  Our business models for all of our projects include low budget (which we NEVER go over) and high quality services in all our areas of production.  Our original and innovative creative content coupled with amazing distribution strategies for foreign and domestic markets will help foster and create long lasting relationships with repeat investors based on the successful sale of our products.

Powerhouse Productions.

What makes Red Velvet Entertainment so different?  Quite simply, it’s the people behind it all.  The combined skills, years of experience, and collective expertise of the hand-picked members of our Red Velvet Team coupled with our passion makes us a powerhouse Production Company.  Every member of our Red Velvet Team has previously worked for successful movie, television, or other major production companies and have all been successful in the entertainment industry for years.  

"Red Velvet Entertainment is State of the Art Digital Film & Television Production..."

Lower budget doesn’t mean lower quality by any means.  Producing superb quality feature films and television shows on a lower budget can be accomplished because the Red Velvet Team of industry professionals share a common vison in working with our company.  Instead of the high paychecks our partners usually receive for their top notch services, we are able to provide that same level of high budget quality for reduced and lower budgeted fees because most of our Red Velvet Team are also treated as partners in the company.  This assures our investors that each and every partner of the RVE Team is giving their all to our projects.

The Core Team at RVE is the envy of all that the other big production studios are made of.  

We are in it to win it!  When our projects are successful, our unified audience wins!  When our audience wins, then so do our investors, our company, and all of the members of our Red Velvet team.  Not just merely as employees, but also as vested partners with one unified vision for success.­­


"A Distribution Dream Team..."

Distribution means sales, and sales means money for the investors who always receive first-revenue returns plus interest on their investment.  Many smaller production companies simply do not have strong Distribution plans in place for their projects before they enter production - that means higher risk to their investors. 

At Red Velvet Entertainment, we have a strong Distribution Division run by former Paramount  Vice President Alan Bailey.  

Alan has successfully managed Distribution and Finance for Television and Films world-wide for Paramount Studios for over 35 years.  Before we ever even begin pre-production, our Distribution Team streamlines and puts our strategies in place.  That means much lower risk to all our investors.  Our Distribution sources work in concert with our Casting Division to ensure that just enough “star talent” are cast in our film or television shows to make those projects extremely marketable in the distribution arena, both domestically and internationally.  

We cast just enough “draw name” stars to make our projects sell with incredible value, but without making our budgets too high so as to take away from the profit margins for our investors and the RVE Team.


Red Velvet Entertainment's mission is to create feature films and television shows of such high-crafted quality and originality so that they are unparalleled.  We believe that by instilling thought-provoking messages in everything we produce that we inspire better lifestyles and better living through our signature brand of entertainment.

Together we infuse these profound messages within every project we create so as to make both foreign and domestic audiences alike look to the Red Velvet Entertainment brand of products as their "1st Choice" in entertainment.  With our high level of talent and sound business models, together we make "our art work.” 

We believe that Red Velvet Entertainment is the next "Apple" of the entertainment industry that everyone wishes they had invested in.

"Red Velvet Entertainment.  We know what the industry needs, we listen to what the audience wants."



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