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Meet the Team at Red Velvet Entertainment.
We seek to create unforgettable moments that remind others of our common humanity. We inspire, encourage, comfort, expose, and challenge. 

Our Diversity is our Strength, and together we can move Mountains...  

Our partners are people whose lives intertwine, who depend on one another, who share values about life together, and who can see and seek larger truths. 

And... we've been waiting for you!

Chris Gilmore -  IMDB Link
CEO, Executive Producer, Casting  Director, Writer, RVE Founding

Born into a show business family and growing up with family friends such as well-known legendary greats, Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, Wayne Newton, Danny Thomas, Frank Sinatra, Betty White, and many more... Chris’s connections in the entertainment industry empowered her as a casting director and producer to bring great name talents to strong projects.

Chris has been working in the entertainment industry for over 40 years; first as a child star, then as a casting director, writer, co-creator, and producer.  She has worked with many highly successful producers, directors, and production companies in the entertainment industry.  These include Paramount, Universal Studios, NBC, CBS, Twentieth Century Fox, Fox Television, Warner Brothers, Nickelodeon, Disney, Saban Entertainment, Phil Gurin of the Gurin Company, Alfred Hitchcock, The Playboy Channel, Merchant/ Ivory Productions, Alan Jay Lerner, Bob Eubanks of Hill Eubanks, Wink Martindale, King World, Hanna Barbera, and Chuck Barris

Chuck Barris had a 100% hit record with Viacom until he sold his company to Sony for a reported 1 billion dollars.  From movies, to sitcoms, to game shows to reality TV… Chris has done it all!  In his autobiographical book, Chuck Barris mentions Chris in saying “She is one of the most talented, hard-working, imaginative, and creative people I have ever worked with.  And I’ve worked with a lot of people.  I am convinced Christina is one of the best kept secrets in the entertainment business.” 

As the Founding Member of Red Velvet Entertainment, Chris has named the production company after her father Tony Ferra’s most successful and celebrity filled night club, “Red Velvet.” The place where everybody who was anybody in film, television, or rock and roll would come to mingle and entertain on any given night.

Miss Gilmore is quoted as saying “I have great faith in God, the power of the creative spirit, and the infusion of new innovative ideas with good old-fashioned quality.  I believe Red Velvet Entertainment will be the ‘Apple’ of the entertainment industry that everyone wishes they had invested in.”

Commercial 2 Web.jpg
Robert Burton -  IMDB Link
President, Lead Producer, Technology Officer, RVE Founding Member

Robert brings his passion for the entertainment industry, gift for comedy, his high tech and military experience, as well as his considerable skills as a producer to Red Velvet Entertainment.
During a 9 year military career spanning the
Marine Corps and the US Army, Robert was always the one called on by his fellow soldiers to entertain.  The ability to combine discipline, humor and a free spirit of creativity and humanity is one of Robert's many unique gifts.

Robert began producing instinctively within his first year in Hollywood.  He is a multi-faceted producer who gives his all to prevent or quickly resolve problems, create smooth production schedules and come in on or under budget.
With a past life as a software test engineer, Robert also brings a strong knowledge of technology and the major role it plays in the entertainment industry (both now and in the future) to Red Velvet Entertainment in helping to keep the company and its projects ahead of their time.

Robert’s “take-charge” and “cool under pressure” military attitude, along with his cutting edge knowledge of technology and limitless passion for people and the entertainment industry make him indispensable as the Lead Producer for Red Velvet Entertainment.

He's also a really good actor.

He is one of the 3 founding members of Red Velvet Entertainment.

Anthony Sands -  IMDB Link
Vice President, Director, Producer, Writer, Distribution Executive 

Tony Sands is an international award- winning director, producer, and writer.  His Family TV special “You Will See” won 2 Telly Awards, including one for “Best Family TV”.  His other works “Assumptions” and “You Will See” also won Gabriel Awards for “Best Family Drama”.  This and several of his recent Television episodes in the Manifest Mystery series have garnered 11 Awards from such competitions as the Accolade’s and the New York Festivals.


Anthony’s career in entertainment began over 15 years ago and he has credits on such films as TitanicDr. Doolittle, and Space Jam.

He holds the title of
Senior Producer and Director for Family Theater Productions, which for over 65 years has produced quality Film, TV, and Radio for family and faith-based audiences.  He has been responsible for implementing all administrative policies and procedures to carry out Family Theater Productions' mission, its productions, and other activities.  In conjunction with the National Director of Family Theater Productions, he administers its national public-service billboard campaign.  He also directed three of the Catholic production company’s Manifest Mysteries teen dramas and co-wrote the scripts for them -Assumptions, Finding Mary, and the latest film Family Dinner.


Anthony Sands is a director who commands excellence from his scripts and actors.  From pre-production and straight through to post, Anthony is dedicated to the quality of the projects he directs.  Red Velvet Entertainment is confident to put their projects in Anthony’s competent hands.


Alan J Bailey -  IMDB Link
Distribution Executive, Financial Advisor 

For the past 35 years Alan J Bailey was Senior Vice President of Finance and Distribution at Paramount Studios during which time Paramount was the most successful Hollywood studio.

He has secured the financing and distribution for such Hollywood classics as The Godfather Trilogy, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Transformers, Titanic, and The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  Alan has since been Executive Producing his own private slate of films. 

There is no doubt that Alan is a key player in the distribution of our projects, business strategies for both foreign and domestic sales, and he has expressed a keen interest in handling the PR for each film in order to help increase awareness and build audiences for each film release.

He is one of the 3 founding members of Red Velvet Entertainment.

Glenn Bartello
Executive Producer, RVE Founding Member

Glenn Bartello has been the cornerstone for many successful business foundations.  Only his talent and passion for the arts surpass his vast successful career in diversified businesses.


Glenn Bartello was Born in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania and raised by his hardworking parents, Sis and Andy.  They infused in him their strong moral values and incredible work ethics.  After moving to Hollywood as a young boy at the age of 10, Glenn became a salesman for a major company at the age of 14 and was venturing from door to door.  His business talents shone brightly as he became one of the 4 top salesmen in the nation! 

At the young age of 16, Glenn was hired to manage and instruct a crew of salesmen who were all much older than him.  Upon the complaint of one of the older salesmen as to how his teacher was so much younger than he, the owner of the business said, “When you can outsell him, you can have his job!”  Glenn brings his wisdom and sound business strategies to Red Velvet Entertainment.

* In a very sad twist of fate, Glenn passed away suddenly in November of 2017 after a battle with a brief illness.  He will always be a part of Red Velvet Entertainment, and we will forever be indebted to his kindness, business sense, and the faith he had in our company to give us our start.

R.I.P. Brother Glenn - you will always be missed + 

Gene Gilmore
Director, Associate Producer

Gene Gilmore's career as a writer, producer and director has spanned over 25 years.

His creative ideas, innovative style and broad experience in the film, television, advertising and corporate video industries have earned great respect as well as multiple Telly, Addy and C.A.B. Awards and consistent honors for Time Warner in the advertising industry alone.

Gene's knowledge, diplomacy and zeal for the craft make him an indispensable part of the Red Velvet production team. His youthful exuberance helps to keep his finger on the pulse of multiple generations of audiences. 

Leo Gilmore
Associate Producer, Assistant to CEO

Leo Gilmore truly embodies the meaning of the term "Renaissance Man."  

The list of both his proficiencies and interests in the Arts is simply astonishing.  Piano, Music Composition, Storyboarding, Video Editing,  Digital Photo Art, First Assistant Cameraman, Writer, Comic Book Artist, Sketching, Painting, Photography... the list goes on, and so does Leo in his never ending quest for more knowledge.   

The fact that Chris Gilmore is his Mother and Gene Gilmore is his Father should be no surprise. At Red Velvet Entertainment we are convinced that both of their creative flair and artistic demeanor have been passed on to Leo in a very dramatic way. 

Leo brings an infusion of new ideas and a young perspective which helps keep us attuned to the pulse of a highly youth driven industry.

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