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High Octane Superheroes and Action Adventure.

Red Velvet Entertainment has an incredible slate of 9 amazing and original Action Adventure, Faith Based, and Super Hero movies for our adult, teen, and family audiences worldwide. 

Our "Super Hero 1" project is the next great super hero action franchise of the future!  It introduces a brand new and completely original superhero that can easily fit into the DC, Marvel, or Independent Comic Book Universe.  Graphic novel published and on the way...

Mesmerizing, Uplifting, and Multifaceted... 

Our stories are mesmerizing, deep, complex, uplifting, and multifaceted.  They represent the current evolution of the Superhero and Action genres and put an incredible modern twist to it. 

With our stories, we seek to provide something more - something deeper than just nonstop fighting and action - and that is moral character and goodness.  With our films, we seek to entertain, enlighten, and to keep our viewers on the edge of their seats the whole way through. 

"Family Action/Adventure like Harry Potter... but
on Steroids."

Our incredibly original Action/Adventure movie franchises are in the same vein as feature films like “Harry Potter,” "The Goonies," “Escape from Witch Mountain,” and the amazing series of video games spawned from “The Legend of Zelda.”

If You're Going to be "FireProof" and "Courageous"
Then You Gotta Have Faith... Based... Films. 

The Faith Based Market has always been surprising as to how little money has to go into the project if you have a great script. 

At RVE, we have those GREAT SCRIPTS and the FAITH to go along with it, so you can be sure that we'll be “Fire Proof” and “Courageous.”  Made on low budgets and sold for high profits, these feature films will also bring strong statements of FAITH, INTEGRITY, and MORAL 
CHOICES to the public in our hopes to inspire better lifestyles and better living for all who experience our take on this genre.

Romantic ComediesFall In Love Again... 

Red Velvet Entertainment is very proud to present our very own prized original features in this highly profitable “feel good” genre. Our TV Movies utilize the time proven and classic Chuck Fries formula (EP for “Bewitched”, “I Dream of Genie”, “The Flying Nun”, etc) but with a modern twist.  So as to appeal to both Film and Television audiences, our screenplays have been written as standalone Feature Films with the added potential to use as a 2 hour Pilot to spin off a Television series.

"Red Velvet Entertainment.  We know what the industry needs, we listen to what the audience wants."



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