Meet our "Other Team" at RVE...

Our Advisory Board and Co-Production Staff are professionals whose lives intertwine, whose values are collective, whose viewpoints are diverse enough to inspire others to share them, and whose courage together makes it possible to share this collective vision with the world.

We seek to Inspire, Encourage, Comfort, Expose, and Challenge. 

We seek to create unforgettable moments that remind others of our common humanity. 


Mark Askey  
Advisory, Business Coach & Legal Counsel

Mark Askey is a business owner, entrepreneur, business coach, and attorney with a proven track record of guiding successful business ventures.  His previous experience includes: President of a startup company; Vice-President and General Counsel of an environmental services company; and a Federal Regulatory Attorney. He enjoys his continued success as a business coach and consultant.


Jerry Pace
Advisory, Associate Producer 

Jerry Pace is a man of many parts.   A former Music Industry Agent,  Jerry was in the business of making artists into music stars for almost 20 years. 

Having much success there, he turned next to the Film and Television Industry where he was a successful Commercial and Theatrical agent for another 20 years!

With a keen eye for business deals and a creative flair of his own, Jerry brings a new level of idea generation and sound business principles to Red Velvet Entertainment. 

Red Velvet Entertainment