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At Red Velvet Entertainment, we've partnered with some Distribution Industry giants to make sure that our crafted brand of entertainment has a proven outlet to be released through Online Streaming, New Media, Theater / Box Office, or Blu Ray/DVD sources independently in all possible markets - Foreign and Domestic. 

We implement only the most sound and profitable sales strategies as the first priority for all of our projects...

We've found financially solid, creative solutions for both our Corporate and Private Investors to be able to receive a recoup of their investment no matter what the project is, and no matter whether it is produced inside or outside of the United States. 

"We know what the industry needs, we listen to what the audience wants." TM

Hear what our Team has to say about investing in the new future of Film and Television...

Partnered With Distribution Industry Giants...


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Enter the password for the video below to see how we plan our combined and continued success with our projects, our investors, and the world.
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