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Our goal is to create incredibly original and inventive Reality shows, Dramas, Sitcoms, Kid's Shows, Game Shows and Educational Products that are simple and easy to produce.  Low Budgets and High Profits are what Reality and Gaming Television are all about.  All of our shows can be produced as a single pilot episode to pitch or as a series of 13 to 26 episodes with an even more secure business model.  In addition, shows are designed to be sold in the Foreign Distribution Markets as well as Domestically to guarantee a finished product that is ready to go and generate multiple avenues of revenue for years to come. 

High Profit TV Should be Simple.

Industry Giant Standards and a Proven Leader...

Our CEO and President Chris worked side by side creating and learning the insider secrets with Industry giants like Chuck Barris, Wink Martindale, Michael King, Phil Gurin, Alan Jay Lerner, Bob Eubanks, and many more.  She brings amazing enginuity, originality, and a patented moniker of success to all of our Television slates with proven and winning formulas for success.  

Romantic ComediesFall In Love Again... 

Red Velvet Entertainment is very proud to present our own prized original features in this highly profitable “feel good” genre. Our TV Movies utilize the time proven and classic Chuck Fries formula (“Bewitched”, “I Dream of Genie”, “The Flying Nun”, etc) but with a modern twist.  So as to appeal to both Film and Television audiences, our screenplay have been written as a standalone (Feature) with the added potential to use it as a 2 hour Pilot to spin off a Television series.

Cooking ShowsSink Your Teeth Into What's Up Next.

We also have 3 incredible Cooking Shows on our slate, the likes of which the world has never seen.  Each one is completely unique and with a different business model behind it. These cooking shows star our amazing "Executive Chef to the Stars" Dominic Tedesco, and the online sales these shows will generate are worth waiting in line for.

In Your Face Reality TV That Hits Home.

Chris brings to our TV slate incredibly original and highly profitable Reality Shows with proven, winning formulas for success.  Reality Shows are more reasonable to produce than scripted Television yet can yield extremely high profits. 

Our slates include, high energy reality-competition shows (like Dancing with the Stars), addictive reality-conflict / resolution shows (like Judge Judy or Jerry Springer), and provocative reality dramas (like The Kardashians). 

Come say hello to "Operation Repo" Reality TV Veteran Sonia Lopez in her brand NEW show
"Operation Sonia: Love Thy Bleeping Neighbor."  While you're there, don't foget to check out one of our newest Reality stars Joey Boombotze in "Going Green."  Join him on his mission to save the world!


Game Shows That Make You Want To Go All In!

Our highly original Game Shows are easy to produce, addictive to watch, and absolutely compelling.  

All of our Game shows are bundled into a well-thought out business plan for incorporating large sponsorship deals, big brand names, brand new contestant-business integration, and massive product sales!  Multilayered strategies with an innovative edge mean that all roads will lead to many levels of success and profitability.

Scripted Television That Gets It Right.

High Octane TV Dramas That Are Pure Creative Autonomy.

Our incredibly original high octane TV dramas function as fictional thrillers motivated by the issues-driven examination of human behavior and society's multi-layered deceptions..


We help cast a light on society’s moral complexities with our own climactic twists.

Addictive TV Sitcoms That Make You Sit Up and Take Notice...

Red Velvet Entertainment is very proud to present our own prized original sitcoms in this “feel good” genre.  Casting just enough star names to make these products marketable and enough of the next up and coming stars helps to keep the budgets down and the marketability high!  On this slate are current social topics and “edgy” subjects.​

Amazing Kids' Shows and Educational Products That Will Have Parents Saying "YES."

Our Kids’ Shows are made up of the “stuff” that keeps a series running for years to come.  We have winning shows with good old fashioned quality like Sesame Street!   With modern characters and topics that catch the interest of today’s kids, all of our shows have built in toys and video games which will bring high returns in the ancillary market.

Our Kids’ Educational Product Lines will be sold as a streaming series on the web and also as sets of DVDs.  They are highly marketable to a wide variety of kids and parents throughout America and around the world!  Our budgets also
always include production of separate infomercials for our product advertising on television.

There's Something for Everyone at RVE.

At Red Velvet Entertainment, we specialize in diversity.  Whether it's in Reality TV, Scripted Drama, Scripted Sitcoms, Documentaries, Educational, Kid's Shows, or Game Shows  - we have it covered!

Come see what the fuss is all about.  Technology, Entertainment, and Design.


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